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At Announce It With Style we get amazing results from your baby's pictures. However, the better the photograph, the better the final product. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your baby's photos, so that we can make the most of your memories.

What to Send
For best results, we recommend you send several photos for us to choose from. Glossy finish prints are better than Matte. The photo you send should be in sharp focus. Please indicate your photo preferences on the photo backs using "sticky notes" or number your photos 1, 2, 3. (Please do not write on the back of your photos with a marker that might smear.) Indicate your preference on your e-mail when sending digital or scanned photos.  Choose your preferred photo according to your baby's expression and pose. If you do not indicate a preference, we will choose the most suitable photo. We cannot work from negatives, or photo printouts from your computer. Polaroid's are sometimes acceptable but we will let you know before production. If you wish to send a digital photo or scan, please read those sections below.

What photos won't work?
Photos where the image of your baby is too small. The baby face should be at least the size of a quarter.

How to take a successful baby photo
1. Use a camera that has a zoom lens and the ability to focus at close distance (macro focus).
2. Use 100 or 200 speed film with a flash. Do not use 400 or 800 speed film.
3. Take photos when baby is sleeping or calm.
4. Dress baby in pastel outfit with no dark or bold patterns. Try using clothing colors that match the design that you like.
5. Lay baby on a rumpled pastel baby blanket or plain puffy comforter. Textured or rumpled surfaces are preferred to flat ones.
6. Make sure baby is well lit. Pay special attention to light on the hair. Hair in shadows tends to look much darker on the announcements. Move lamps closer to baby, especially towards darker sides.
7. Check hands position. They are cutest up near face. Hands close to body work better than arms extended.
8. Don't cover baby up to neck in a blanket. Leave at least chest and arms outside blanket for interest.
9. Look through the camera and check area around baby. Pull comforter, pillows or blankets up so they fill background in entire viewfinder.
10. Take several exposures. If baby is not cooperating, try again later. NOTE: If child is uncomfortable or upset you will not get a good photo.

Can you fix my photo?
We will resize and crop your photo to suit our format. we will lighten, resize, crop and remove blemishes. If your baby has a blemish you want to remove, such as a birth mark, please let us know. Where we can sometimes "invent" more background or more blanket to fill your card, we often cannot fix missing parts of hands, ears, heads, etc. Please make sure they are fully in the photo.

Any suggestions for sibling photos?
Photos of an older sibling holding the baby can be a novel way to introduce the new baby, but it is challenging to get good results. The older child seated holding the newborn tends to steal the show with a big bright smile, while the newborn looks like a tiny unidentified bundle. To avoid losing focus on the baby, it is essential to have the heads close together, preferably touching.

How should I photograph my twins (or multiples)?
For best results when taking 1 photo of twins or multiples, nestle the babies together with heads touching. Avoid space between babies; the announcements look best when they are "squished" together. For multiples, consider placing babies head to head with their bodies extending out from the center like the spokes of a wheel. Please see our photo tips above for general instructions.

Can I send you a photo from a digital camera?
We actually prefer digital photos as oppose to prints. We accept digital photos in JPG format. Normally it takes a "mega pixel" camera to take a photo we can use, set at high or highest quality. (When in doubt, send the highest resolution possible.) Please send photos in JPG format. 
-- 640x480 pixel digital photos often work well.
--1280x960 pixels normally works well for any design if the subject is taken fairly close up.
-- 2048x1536 pixels works wonderfully.

The ORIGINAL image or scan needs to meet our specifications. Changing the resolution of your photo in the computer to make it higher resolution would result in poor image quality. Please do not crop the image. We will eliminate unwanted objects and backgrounds when we work on your photo. You may e-mail your photo and submit your order online. Or, mail your digital photo with your order form on a CD, 100mb ZIP or floppy. E-mail photos to orders@announceitwithstyle.com We cannot work from digital photo printouts off your computer. We must have the file. If you have your photos on CD from your photo developer, we need the highest resolution version available.

Can I send you a scan?
We can accept customer scans, but often receive unusable ones. If you are experienced at getting good scans from your scanner, we would be happy to accept them. If you are unsure how to work your scanner, or do not know how to change the settings as listed below, it will be better to send us a print.

If you are mailing your order, please do not send a scan. We will get better results if we scan your photo.

Scan Directions
In your scan preview, crop the image loosely to the way we will use it. (Select the portion of the photo that will print, getting rid of extra background and scanner bed but leaving us a comfortable margin. Do not scan the entire scanner bed. Be sure to leave some space around the subject.) Scan the usable portion of your image at 300 dpi, enlarging until the scanned usable portion is at least 6" wide. (You should be able to control what percentage you scan. Increase the percentage until your image will be at least 6" wide.) If you scan at 72 dpi, enlarge the image to 15" wide or larger. Be sure not to crop too tightly. We will be happy to crop and edit the image for you. Just let us know what you want eliminated. Save your scan as a .JPG (set at highest quality). You may e-mail your photo to orders@announceitwithstyle.com. Then submit your order information online.


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